browneyedgurl96 said: how long will it take to recieve the bart shorts? i'm looking at pre ordering them! :) xx

hey, it would take approx 3 weeks to the uk :)


pdumbi said: do you ship to the u.s?

yep! we ship worldwide

l0stphone said: what colours can you do or the tye dye vans?x x

any colours!

queenavocado said: do you ship to america? xx

yes we ship worldwide! sale now on

Anonymous said: please may i have a tiedye hoodie?

there are a few available on the website here!

or you can request a custom order x

pineapple-vibess said: I am obsessed with your clothing line! I'm definitely going to order so much! its great♡xx

thank you so much! glad you like it x

Anonymous said: hawhen will you give up trying to get 500 shares and just choose a date to give it away because you're only on 250ish and we're getting impatient ha

if it doesnt get 500 shares by christmas day i may choose the winner then!
but really you shouldnt be getting impatient as its a free £80 voucher for supporting my business its not like you’re paying for anything!